Community Arts Practice

As a Community Arts Practitioner, Sharon's work is deeply embedded in the principles and values of community development. Her ethos is to promote, encourage and enable each individual to seek to find their own creative voice and to nurture and guide the individual in having that voice heard. Working with a wide range of people, adults, young people and children through the principles of community development, her practise supports and promotes inclusion, equality, recognition and respect of the value, abilities and potential of each individual.

Classes and Workshops

When working with a group or organisation, Sharon will work closely with her partners in order to design and deliver workshops and classes which are best suited and most beneficial to the particular individuals and the organisation itself.

The following is an example of classes and workshops available:

- Watercolour / Acrylic / Oil painting (beginners or intermediate)
- Mixed media workshops
- Art workshops designed around a specific theme, such as equality for women, local community issues, empowering community
- Finding your creative voice
- Exploring and expressing emotion through art (Oils, Acrylic, Watercolours)
- Art and Craft sessions, classes and workshops
- Themed Art and Craft (seasonal)
- Collaborative Art Projects
- Art for relaxation & Mindfulness
- Art as Advocacy
- Collage workshops
- Fun and creativity with children and parents
- Creative Schools Projects
- Community Arts Practice and Theory Foundation Level. Designed and delivered with Ethine Dunne Community education tutor
- Wrap Through Creativity Designed and delivered with Ethine Dunne Community education tutor

Connected while staying apart has become a big theme in Sharon's work of late as a result of the Covid 19 restrictions and Sharon offers Art workshops remotely for groups and individuals. Concentrating on the importance of inclusion, connectivity, creativity, using Art exercises to stay grounded, as a means of relaxation, stress reduction and mindfulness as well as for the joy of creating and to celebrate life and the beauty around us all.

...and much more!

As a freelance Community Arts Practitioner, Sharon is always delighted to receive enquiries from prospective new groups and individuals who may benefit from her skills and experience. If you'd like to find out more about Sharon's work as a Community Arts Practitioner, please do not hesitate to contact her.


Tallaght Community Arts DoubleTAKE Supported Arts Studio
Sharon is the Studio Coordinator and Artist mentor in this Supported Arts Studio (situated in Rua Red arts studio) for adults who live with a disability & people who need additional supports. The studio works with over 100 creative individuals on a weekly basis and has been in existence since 2010.

Saint Aengus Community Action Group
Tutoring a weekly Arts class within this programme for adults living with addiction and using art as advocacy and a tool for self-expression, Sharon works closely with each individual, exploring ways in which art can be used as a channel to best suit the individual’s needs.

The Good Counsel Centre (HSE)
Facilitating a weekly Art session for the adult residents of this HSE residential care centre, the focus of Sharon's work is on the dignity and value of the individual, and also with enabling and supporting the individual to find their own authentic creative channel.

Art Tutor with the Education and Training Board (ETB)
Sharon is employed as an Art Tutor, designing and delivering beginner and intermediate arts classes for adults attending local family resource centres, community centres and learning centres. Working through the principles of community development, using art as a tool and platform in which to address local and individual issues and to communicate with a wider audience.

H.S.E weekly Arts classes
Sharon works with 2 different groups, Westfield Seniors Art group and Foras Day centre's Art group on a weekly basis. Exploring Art as a tool to relax, to have fun, to express oneself and to enjoy. These weekly classes are very popular, lively and so very creative.

H.S.E Advocacy through the Arts workshops
Sharon works with several groups, using the Arts as a means to build confidence, to explore issues that directly impact on the individual and to find ways of addressing these issues and empowering the individuals in advocating for positive change on their own behalf.

Freelance Community Arts Practice
Having worked with Tallaght Community Arts as an Arts Facilitator and Community Arts Practitioner since 2002, Sharon has been involved with many Art workshops and projects with T.C.A within the local community. Sharon also works on short and long term projects and Art workshops for other organisations. Some of those more recent engagements are:

Dodder Valley Partnership
"Equality for women programme"

(Recovery through Art, drama and education)

CUMAS Neilstown
"Grandparents group"

The focus of each group is tailored specifically for the particular group and it's individual participants needs, requirements and abilities.